AMO Communications launches Rajasthan Tourism TVC

AMO Communications, a Percept Hakuhodo Company, in its latest TV commercial for ‘Rajasthan Tourism’, unfolds the pomp and pageantry of the royal state in a way that has never been executed before. AMO Communications, creating a serious ripple in the advertising industry through this latest campaign, beautifully captures the journey called Rajasthan in a trailer-like format and has aesthetically woven in the colourful and myriad fabric of the destination. Their latest TV commercial is no commercial at all; it is a trailer with a prelude to an exciting blockbuster called Rajasthan.

The 60-second trailer film is a montage created with some of the stunning shots of Rajasthan – its heritage, culture, safaris, sand dunes, lush forests and wildlife.

The film opens with an old timer narrating a story he has done a million times before – about a land that was created out of an arrow fired from a God’s bow. How its splendour and magnificence lured the brave and the beautiful? Then enters a beautiful woman from a faraway country – wracked by dreams and visions from a previous birth… Was she really a princess? Will she reclaim her kingdom? Will she meet the love of her life? Camels, sand dunes, dancing women, moustached men, exotic paintings, a palace of mirrors and a fort in the middle of a lake….

This visual treat simply ends with the sign-off…. ‘For the complete story, come to Rajasthan’

Said Elvis Dias, Managing Director, AMO Communications “This is the first time a teaser-reveal strategy has been used for any brand in the tourism category in India, where the main TVC completes the story in the viewer’s mind. Every once in a while comes along a big idea that shatters convention and instills the faith back in each of us that creativity is alive and kicking in the advertising business. The messaging through this 60-seconder film has been kept very simple and clear, and we are very excited about this campaign”

“This is just the trailer! You should see the main film. Our latest commercial is going to be an absolute treat to your senses and everyone must stay glued to their TV sets” added Mr. Bob D’Silva, National Creative Director, AMO Communications

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