AMO celebrated their Tenth Anniversary

AMO Communications recently celebrated their 10th Anniversary with much fun, pomp and élan.

The celebrations began with a prayer following which the entire team bonded over a delectable lunch. Post lunch, the entire group geared up for an interesting and unique ‘gamestorming’ workshop which was conducted by Elvis Dias, MD, AMO Communications. This interactive session offered a creative platform to elicit everybody’s innermost capabilities through an array of fun filled activities. Four teams comprising of personnel across diverse work disciplines were formed. The session kick-started with a game called ‘ Current Culture of AMO’. The whole idea was to depict the present feel at AMO through a storyboard using magazine images.

The next game ideated on the ‘Ideal Culture of AMO’. This was followed by a brain drill titled ‘The Inception Model’. Based on a hexagon shaped model the AMO team had to go about using the concept of ‘Enter, Solve, Exit’. This game encouraged lateral thinking and the results were simply amazing! The last game entitled ‘Perspective Drawing’ allowed teams to explore their keen observation skills, as also flaunt their creative skills.

The final surprise of the day was the announcement of a new room called the ‘Thinking Room’, later rechristened as the “Labour Room”, which has been designed especially for the creative guys. The day wound up with a sneak peak at the new animated viral video on ‘AMO’, and some delicious snacks.

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