Amitabh Bachchan to share couch with Koel

Amitabh-Bachchan-with-Koel-This weekend’s Couching with Koel features Amitabh Bachchan.

Bachchan and his team, wanted to do something other than a straight interview and asked Koel to plan a different kind of interaction with a live audience of students. A special intimate set was created featuring the couch, 150 students, a drummer and even a “piddly pot”.

The atmosphere was electric and the students could hardly believe that they were getting to interact in such close quarters with their icon.

What came as a surprise is that  Bachchan loved the interaction as much as the students and he refused to leave long after the slotted time was over. So instead of a 30-45 mins session Mr. Bachchan stayed for close to 2 hours, shouting out from stage to his frantic PR team for Shamitabh “Don’t worry I will make up for time. I’m enjoying this, please lets continue Koel. I very rarely get to share and chat like this with youngsters.”

And share he did – from romances in his early school days at Sherwood and going to the lovers “Wall” to meet and catch glimpses of the girls at All Saints sister school.  To not understanding a word at his first ever science lecture at KMC and thus never learning the meaning of Aum’s law.

Bachchan did a mock audition for OYE Radio like he had done for AIR in his youth and got rejected. He explained the process of playing drunk as a teetotaller and how different each drunk must be. He then acted out the drunken lines from Shamitabh as if a drunk Anthony Gonsalves was saying it instead.

He sang the piddly song, he inspired the youth with his life lessons, he made a warm connect with them by being so open, he answered questions from the audience honestly and with humour, he even good-naturedly told off Koel for “Putting me to the test after 45 years in this industry” and for embarrassing him by asking cheeky questions. In the end Bachchan left every single person after 2 enthralling hours gasping for more. Then Mr. Bachchan went a step further and clicked a selfie with each and every group of student present and promised to tweet it.

Bachchan blushed, smiled and lit up sharing anecdotes and reminiscing about his school and college life, his early films… Then he talked about accepting old age and altering your career path accordingly.

This episode of Couching with Koel will air this Saturday 31st Jan 9.30pm and Sun 1st February at 11.30am and 11.30pm”


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