America.Com to Take Stage Once Again is officially off the trading block Internet Media Consultants SA, have decided to take the bull by the horns and spend $750,000 U.S Dollars, to purchase 20 of the super-premium domain name; “”.

In early May of this year, Mr. Paolo Belcastro and his team behind Internet Media Consultants, SA, was hired to broker the world-class domain name; “”. The domain name fell short of a sale, it received multiple bids during the online auction held at, reaching into the $2 million dollar ballpark. Although the domain name failed to meet its reserve price, the interest has not dried up, not by a long shot.

“Although the domain did not sell at the online auction in May, we still receive inquiries on the name weekly, and we realize this is a multi-million dollar online business waiting to unfold, says Belcastro.”

Like all generic and premium domain names, the true potential is uncovered with the development of the domain. Although the domain name industry continues to grow each year, and domain speculation is at an all-time high, only a limited number of domains actually carry a “liquid cash value” and even less are classified as “premium”.

While many Internet entrepreneurs continue to combine their creativity with hard work in searching for the next million dollar domain sale, they are truly few and far between. however, is a completely different story. It lends itself to a similar situation as the 1999 sale of “”, a developed premium domain name and business, which sold for $345 Million dollars to R.H Donnelly.

“With, we realize we have a great opportunity and we look forward to the development and marketing in the upcoming weeks and months, says Belcastro.”

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