AMD announces Global Vision Challenge for bloggers

New Delhi: AMD has announced the AMD Global Vision Challenge, an exciting online contest engaging with influential bloggers in the social media space to educate technology enthusiasts about AMD’s breakthrough product Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) and VISION technology, and win exciting prizes.

The AMD Global VISION Challenge is a worldwide showdown involving and targeting the youths of 8 countries across the world – Brazil, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, The Republic of Korea and India.

The contest is being conducted in two phases . In-country Phase: Five influential social media activists, from each of these 8 countries, have been identified to kick start this phase of the contest. These contestants will compete against one another by formulating and implementing a method to educate their personal and/or social media friends, family, acquaintances, and others contacts (Audience Members) about the AMD APUs and the experience of using it. They would then direct their audience to an AMD website to take a quiz about the AMD APU and garner votes.

The contestant with maximum number of votes, wins an all expenses paid trip for 2 to America for the Austin City Limits Music Festival, September 16-18, 2011.

The India chapter of the in-country phase began on July 28, 2011. Worldwide Phase: The winners of the first phase from each of the 8 countries will automatically enter the second phase of the contest where they would represent their respective country on a global platform. The final winner will be eligible for a grand prize.

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