Amaron re-launches ad campaign

Hyderabad: Ever wondered what your car battery goes through? Can it sustain the harsh splashes of heat and Sulphuric acid? The Amaron PRO Hi-Life battery campaign aims at highlighting the product’s resilience against the harsh chemical reaction within the battery, thereby conveying its zero-maintenance and longevity feature, in keeping with its tagline – Lasts long. Really long.

Developed by Ogilvy & Mather, the 30 second campaign showcases Amaron PRO’s durability and its long life and the advantage of zero maintenance, which ordinary batteries do not provide. The campaign targets car owners who prefer hassle free maintenance of their car and its parts.

The story board of the commercial has an interesting showcase of the chemical reaction within a car battery, using two chicken legs! A scientist shows up two chicken legs, one wrapped in a silver foil, representing Amaron PRO and the other representing ordinary battery. A voice-over describes the process. The scientist goes about dipping the chicken legs into a beaker containing Sulphuric acid. A strong effervescence is seen within the beaker, representing the actual chemical reaction that takes place within the car battery. The scientist pulls out both the chicken legs. While the unwrapped chicken leg is totally dissolved, the silver foil wrapped chicken leg remains intact and the scientist takes a bite out of it! The silver foil wrapped chicken leg portrays, the patented silver alloy used in Amaron PRO that provides maximum resilience and long life.

Of the total advertising budget planned for the Automotive business of Amara Raja Batteries for the current financial year, ­­35% is allocated for electronic media campaigns. The commercial is being aired on 35 national and regional TV channels, across the country. This is the first time Amaron has released its commercial on regional television channels.

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