Alpenliebe launches new TV campaign

Alpenliebe, the flagship brand of Perfetti Van Melle India, is positioned on the platform of irresistibility since its launch in 1996. Alpenliebe, known for its commercials using the baseline “Jee lal chahe raha na jaye” & “Lalach aha Laplap”, has now further strengthened the irresistibility factor through its new TVC with the concept of ‘Role Reversal’ between Human & Monkey. The role of the monkey is played by the human – Kajol (Bollywood actress) and the Madaari (the master) has a monkey face.

This 50 seconds commercial has been created by McCann Erickson, headed by the versatile Creative Director Prasoon Joshi, and produced by Abhijeet Chaudhary.

The film opens on a ‘Madaari’ (the master in monkey face) threatening someone with a stick to come down from the tree and says, “Chal neeche aa darling, pitegi kya” (come down darling, else you want a beating or what?). Two kids (with monkey face) come to Madaari’s rescue by giving him an Alpenleibe to tempt the person hiding on the tree, to come down.

The moment Madaari shows Alpenliebe to the hidden person, Mini-Kajol peeps out and jumps on the ground in greed of the candy (Kajol is short in height like a monkey). Madaari instead of giving her the candy, instructs her to perform on various acts which any monkey would do. He asks her to ‘naach’ (dance), to enact like a ‘dulhan’ (bride), to do a ‘gunda’ (goon) act; which she readily does.

Mini-Kajol realizes that Madaari is acting clever by not giving her Alpenliebe and only making her perform as per his instructions. In anger, like a monkey, she groans (grrrr) and shows her teeth to him. Madaari responds, “Oye shaitaanee, oye shaitaanee…saara maza kharab kardiya” (you are being naughty…spoiling the whole mood). Mini-Kajol in anger responds, “Chali jaungi main filmo mein heroin banne, bahut connection hai mera wahan pe.” (I will go in films to become an actress, have lot of connection there). On hearing this Madaari gets alerted and gives her the Alpenliebe by saying, “Darling ye le” (take this darling). Mini-Kajol readily grabs the candy and kisses it.

The two kids enjoy the whole act and acknowledge it with their claps. A photo comes of humans in various stages (different shapes & sizes) and another of monkeys in various stages, with VO saying, “Aadmi ho ya bander, lalaach ek shaswat sach hai.” (Whether it’s human or monkey, greed is an unchallengeable truth). It is followed by a scene showing Madaari on a cycle and Mini-Kajol sitting on the handlebar enjoying the Alpenliebe. The last shot showcases a pictorial representation of a Madaari (in monkey face) enticing a monkey (in human body) with Alpenliebe supported by the picture Alpenliebe, Perfetti’ logo and VO, “Laalach aha lap lap”.

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