Aljazeera Sport and SIDSA Announce 10-year pay-TV deal

SIDSA, the International DVB technology provider, has signed a 10-year contract with Aljazeera Sport to protect the broadcaster’s pay-TV content against piracy using its new-generation Conditional Access System, KeyFly 2.0 Xtreme, the most advanced in the global market ring.

Aljazeera Sport has renewed its confidence in the technology of this Spanish company which, over the last three years, has been successfully protecting its content from hackers. Thus, Aljazeera Sport’s broadcasts of the main European football Leagues, such as the Spanish, Italian or Portuguese, as well as the Euro Cup 2008 on High Definition have been encrypted by SIDSA’s Conditional Access System. Its KeyFly system will also protect Aljazeera Sport’s transmissions of the European Champions League from next season, as well as the broadcasts of a new High Definition channel to be launched by Aljazeera in the near future.

The agreement strengthens SIDSA’s position in North Africa and Middle East and proves, once again, that its Conditional Access technology is a key to succeeding in the pay-TV business model either through satellite, terrestrial or even on HD TV.

“We are extremely happy with the market reaction towards KeyFly 2.0 Xtreme”, says Mr. Jose Luis Isidro, commercial director of SIDSA, “in a short period we are signing very interesting contracts which means that KeyFly 2.0 is probably one of the most advanced Conditional Access System in the ring”.

Broadcaster’s bet on new digital TV Technologies and the availability of Premium content demand a content protection system that guarantees the business model. SIDSA’s KeyFlyXtreme is made up of the latest security and encryption techniques providing the highest level of protection at a minimum cost by using integrated circuits developed by SIDSA.

KeyFlyXtreme is fully compatible with LCD and plasma TV sets, as well as with the different type of (DTT, satellite and cable) set-top-boxes, both on standard definition or HD, including audio standards such as AC3.

The use of CAMs (Conditional Access Modules), inserted in TV sets and set-top-boxes makes it possible. SIDSA is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of CAM, providing the highest quality and functionality, suitable for both the professional and consumer’s markets. KeyFlyXtreme’s system may be integrated into the set-top-box using a SIDSA’s security chip.

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