Akshay Kumar to endorse brand Eveready

Kolkata: Eveready Industries India Ltd, India’s largest marketer of dry cell batteries has signed up Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar as its brand ambassador.

Akshay Kumar, speaking on the occasion, said “It gives me immense pleasure to be associated with an iconic brand like Eveready. As an honest actor to myself, I will only choose to be associated with a brand that I love, care and truly believe in. As a child whenever I would get a toy, I would ask my dad – ‘Where is the Eveready?’ since Eveready was equal to battery in my mind. It is a pleasure to be associated and promote a brand that is so needed and important in everybody’s lives. I believe in it. I thank Eveready for always bringing me and my toys to life.”

Referring to the association, Mr. Deepak Khaitan, Vice Chairman, Eveready said “We are happy to have Mr. Akshay Kumar as the brand ambassador for Eveready. He is a great youth icon who has a very power-packed persona. It is a very natural association between him and the brand and we are sure that this relationship will be mutually rewarding one.”

In the mid-nineties, Eveready launched its first major advertisement campaign with the famous slogan “Give me Red”. The advertising byline of the popular Red series of batteries, it is today symbolic of the empowered urban lifestyle that the brand reflects.

Eveready is India’s largest marketer of dry cell batteries selling about 1.2 billion units annually. It is also the largest marketer of torches selling more than 2 million pieces per annum. Apart from batteries and torches, Eveready offers a basket of FMCG products that find place in every household. This includes rechargeable batteries, CFL & GLS lamps and packet tea.

Eveready has one of the most extensive distribution networks in India of over 4000 distributors reaching out to more than 1 million retail outlets directly. Its products are available in more than 3 million outlets in the country.

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