AIR, Doordarshan Speaking 22 Languages

Indian government owned Doordarshan (DD) and All India Radio (AIR) are producing regular programmes including song, music and news bulletin in 22 recognized Indian languages.

‘Prasar Bharati have informed that Doordrashan and All India Radio produce programmes in all officially recognized 22 Indian languages. In addition to these, the 11 Doordarshan Regional Language Satellite Channels are telecasting language programmes viz Malayalam, Tamil, Oriya, Bengali, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Kashmiri, Assamese and Punjabi for a duration of 24 hours per day. These channels are also telecasting programmes in Urdu, Sindhi, Sanskrit, Tulu, Konkani, Dogri, Himachali, Haryanvi, Nepali and all North-East languages and dialects. Besides the above, Doordarshan Kendras also broadcast programmes in their local dialects and languages which include Bhojpuri, Haryanavi, Rajashthani Angike, Bazzika, Nagpuri, Khariya, Oraon and Kurmali, ” P. R. Dasmunsi, Minister of Information & Broadcasting, said.

AIR is also broadcasting programmes in other languages or dialects, which prominently spoken in their respective areas and which are recognized by the concerned State Governments. In order to meet the aspiration of different communities in various parts of the country, composite music programmes are also mounted in their respective dialects from the concerned AIR stations.

‘Doordarshan produces News bulletins in all 16 recognized languages. Besides these news bulletins, Doordarshan Kendras are also telecasting the news bulletins in the languages which are not recognized viz Mizo, Rajasthani, Kokborok and English. AIR puts out over 511 bulletins daily in different languages or dialects for a duration of 50 hours from New Delhi and 44 Regional Units across the country. These news bulletins are broadcast in all the 22 official languages included in the VIIIth Scheduled of the Constitution of India and in 16 foreign languages besides other Indian languages or dialects,” P. R. Dasmunsi said.

Programmes in some languages which are recognized by the State Governments, but not recognized by the Union Government also produced in a regular manner. AIR stations regularly broadcast programmes in those languages or dialects, which are prominently spoken in their respective areas and which are recognized by their respective State Governments i.e. Rajasthani, Chattisgarhi and Bhojpuri. Doordarshan Kendras telecast programmes in those languages or dialects which are recognized by their respective State Governments.

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