Agewell launches Social Networking Site for Senior Citizens

Agewell Foundation has announced the launch of ‘InteractWell’ a social networking site for older people . The initiative will enable the elderly to not only come together and interact but also to share their view regarding different spheres of life with each other and their kith & kin, across the globe.

“Families are becoming smaller, with children moving out of the country, leaving elderly persons behind. Safety and loneliness of senior citizens has become a major issue of concern in the capital. Just like the Young remain connected with people all over the world, through the social networking sites, senior citizens can also make use of this dedicated platform remain in touch with their dear ones,” Sheila Dikshit said.

Agewell Foundation is engaged in the welfare and well being of elders and senior citizens in the country for over a decade. It has promoted & participated in numerous schemes and program for the furthering of the cause of the welfare of the elders. Agewell is confirmed in its views that the foundation of a healthy society is strong and caring family which has intergenerational value sharing.

To make the website more interactive as well as interesting while utilizing untapped potential of senior citizens, many more user friendly links will be added to it to suit the requirements of the senior citizens.

Himanshu Rath , Chairman , Agewell Foundation commented : “In today’s fast paced life, social networking sites are getting popularity worldwide. This site will definitely help older persons to find like-minded people and interact with them. Now they can easily get in touch with their family members, relatives & friends sitting far from their place. This site will also act as a bridge between generations” .

Older people have been looking for such initiatives for a long time. They expressed their gratitude towards Smt. Sheila Dikshit, who has encouraged Agewell Foundation to initiate “InteractWell” for them.

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