AFP moves bureau in Japan – Paris, France

AFP has decided to remain in Japan for the time being to continue its mission to provide complete news coverage while applying strict security measures to ensure the safety of its team, which remains flexible so as to be able to change course at a moment’s notice.

The Agency has set up a temporary bureau in Osaka, 400 kilometres south of Tokyo. Failing a last minute change, agency staff and their families will move tomorrow to Osaka, as a precautionary measure.

Two Japanese journalists will remain in Tokyo for the moment, at their request. AFP will continue to cover the city through daily rotations out of Osaka.

AFP is however keeping 15 correspondents in the Sendai region. They have been advised to evacuate to the north in case of emergency and measures have been taken to this effect. Our journalists on the ground are still operating more than 100 kilometres from the Fukushima plant. Their base is located 250 kilometers from the plant.

Journalists who want to leave Japan can, naturally, do so at any time.

A total of 37 journalists are providing coverage in text, photo and video since the earthquake and tsunami caused a nuclear crisis in the country.

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