‘Club Mirchi’ to air a flavour of Marathi bands

Mumbai:Music knows no barriers…. especially not language ones! And Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM, Mumbai’s leading Radio station and innovator in the music space, presents to listeners the first Marathi rock band, ‘Moksha’ on its popular show, ‘Club Mirchi’ with RJ Jeeturaaj, on Saturday, 1st of May.

Radio Mirchi will put on the inimitable Marathi flavour on Maharashtra Day as ‘Moksha’ entertains regular Club Mirchi enthusiasts with their original and exclusive Marathi songs.

Encouraging the growing repute of Marathi songs and performers, Club Mirchi will audition aspiring, talented Marathi bands through its section, ‘Marathi Band Banaao, Jeeturaaj ko Sunaao’. Original songs laced with elements of hip-hop/rock/jazz and an international feel being the prerequisites, the show is registering enthusiastic participation from all corners of Mumbai. There is even a community on facebook dedicated to “Marathi Band Banaao, Jeeturaaj ko Sunaao”.

In the past, Radio Mirchi has successfully introduced gifted rock bands on Club Mirchi through ‘Band Banaao, Jeeturaaj ko Sunaao’ and this time, ‘Moksha’ with its creative showcase of specially crafted Marathi songs, was selected to be the first Marathi rock band to play on air.

Now, every Saturday, along with mainstream bands, a new Marathi band will be presented to Mumbaikars by RJ Jeeturaaj on Club Mirchi. Along with Hindi music, Mumbai will also get a taste of Maharashtrian music and RJ Jeeturaaj in his unique style will make this Saturday a rocking night with a local flavour as ‘Moksha’ belts out their peppy tracks. The band will also perform on 1st May at Hanging Gardens, Malabar Hill as part of the revival of the unique Bandstand Culture initiative.

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