ADS Media Launches travel portal in Hindi

ADS Media Pvt. Ltd., a company engaged in the digital media, has launched world’s first and only travel portal in Hindi to cater 800 million Hindi speaking people in India and across the world.

At duniadekho web visitor will find description of almost all the travel destinations in India. It provides international destinations too. The unique thing about the site is the hundreds of Mandir destinations and its description along with the photo gallery and hotel gallery. It provides daily news from travel Industry in Hindi.

The portal will offer a good platform for all the bloggers who use to write on Travel and travelogues, says Mr. Deshpremi. According to him, most of the bloggers has expressed their willingness to contribute on this platform. Anyone who wants to put his/her photographs/videos/ articles related to travel on this site will be welcomed as a guest and contributor.

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