AdReady to Resell Google AdWords

AdReady Inc.has announced that it is now an authorized reseller of the Google AdWords online advertising program. AdWords is a cost-effective, efficient platform designed to help businesses of all sizes advertise their products and services at exactly the time their customers are looking for them online. As a Google AdWords Authorized Reseller, AdReady will take advantage of the impressive reach of the AdWords online ad platform and content network to help local businesses create high-impact online advertisements.

The comprehensive AdReady(R) solution gives an online marketer creative intelligence and professional results with access to a database of successful, customizable display ads and a complete, fully managed, scalable ad campaign. AdReady provides a library of ads which can be uniquely modified with a proprietary customization tool. Within minutes, a marketer using AdReady’s intuitive web-based interface can create an AdReady account, design an ad and launch a campaign on leading web sites. AdReady continuously tests and improves its solution providing customers with access to best-practice ads and campaign recommendations that secure optimal results.

“This enhanced relationship with Google will augment the unique services we provide to our fast-growing customer base,” said Aaron Finn, President and CEO of AdReady. “We are poised to accelerate this growth by equipping our team with the tools to deliver exceptional customer service and expert account management.”

AdReady, Inc. was founded in 2006 by a team of Internet veterans to transform the way businesses advertise online. As the first online self-service display ad solution, AdReady enables marketers, of any size, to design and deploy online display ads based on industry best practices. Marketers have access to AdReady’s data-rich library of original ad themes, real-time ad customization tools, an intuitive web-based interface and detailed reporting on all performance aspects of their advertising campaigns.

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