Adnan Sami connects to fans on BIG 92.7 FM

Mumbai : Adnan Sami, the talented music composer & singer visited the BIG 92.7 FM studio recently to promote his latest release, Ek Ladki Deewani Si. The album also features a duet with Jermaine Jackson, brother of the ‘King of Pop’ late Michael Jackson.

The song has been titled ‘Let’s go to Mumbai City’ and is a special tribute to the city. BIG 92.7 FM provided the platform for Adnan’s fans not only in Mumbai but all over India to connect to their favorite star.

Adnan has been one of the most popular icons of music industry in the country and has to his credit super hit albums like Kabhi to Nazar Milao & Tera Chehra. He has also had a successful stint as a singer in his Bollywood stint. Ek Ladki… is his new much awaited album after 2006. the album has been much in news due to the duet with Jeramine Jackson for the song ‘Let’s go to Mumbai City’, a tribute to the city.

At the BIG 92.7 FM station, Adnan did a press meet before going LIVE & then doing a multi-city connect with listeners from all cities talking to him. Adnan was very candid in his talks with the media & talked on length about his passion for music, and on the new album.

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