Adidas comes on board BIG CBS Prime’s Beieber Fever property

BIG CBS Prime, the premium English GEC from the BIG CBS Networks bouquet has tuned itself for a musical March. Thousands of crazy fans, guys and girls alike, are singing his songs day in and day out… He has become an international teenage sensation in a short span of time and he is now here to set fire to your television sets. It is none other than Justin Bieber , the heart throb of millions who is exclusively on BIG CBS PPIME this March.

The Channel gets on board with Adidas as it partners for the exclusive ‘Bieber Fever’ property. Get ready to be Bieberized as the channel gets you Justin Bieber everyday on your television starting 21st March till 24th March on The Late Show with David Letterman.

This association with Adidas is executed keeping in mind a perfect brand synchronisation. Justin Bieber is the latest heart throb and attracts youth to a large extent, which is where the target audience of Adidas lies. This offers maximum brand exposure to the right audience. The channel will run Bieber trivia’s on the channel for the month of March which will be powered by Adidas. It doesn’t end here; the channel also offers promotions of the brand with its radio associate BIG FM across 45 stations.

All this Month, BIG CBS PPIME brings exclusive behind- the -scenes from his concerts, rare footage of stories from Entertainment Tonight and The Insider, all showcasing the all of seventeen Bieber. Also catch Bieber grooving on ‘baby baby’ on David Letterman.So, if you’ve missed any of these, watch them exclusively presented by Bieber and join in the excitement and the fun!

Aparnaa Sharma, General Manager, BIG CBS Networks says, “We are extremely pleased to have Adidas on board as a sponsor. Justin Bieber is a global rage and the Bieber Fever provides an appropriate platform for our sponsor to reach its target audience. With excellent target audience synergies cutting across the same age groups and reaching out to the upwardly mobile, high aspiration audiences this business alliance We always delve to provide our clients a satisfying experience and hope Adidas experiences the same” .

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