Ad Guru Prahlad Kakkar shares A Light Moment with Future Animators

Another year, another batch, GSA (Graphiti School of Animation) has done it again. It was a proud moment for GSA not only for the students, faculties and parents but also for various studios as they are able to get industry ready professionals to hire and make them part of their team.

The graduation ceremony for the 2nd year students was something the students themselves would always remember, no matter where ever they maybe years down the line. The chief guest for the event was none other than Mr. Ram Mohan’s closest friend and colleague Prahlad Kakkar, the Ad Guru. The other guests present at the event were various senior professionals form the industry, the external faculties, the alumni and of course the parents of the students.

Dippesh and Pooja, host of the ceremony, enacted as Graphiti School of Animation Students and shared the experiences a student goes through as part of the course. They also exposed the parents and other how the students enhances their skills and knowledge through various workshops and training sessions the go through in the process of their learning in animation.

To grace the occasion, Ram Mohan was present himself, which made the event for the students even more special. Slides after slides of students work were been displayed from various courses offered by GSA. Students who were graduating this year were very enthusiastic to display their work. Prahlad Kakkar shared a light moment with the audience with his personal experiences in the field. Much to the amazement of the audience, Mr. Prahlad was his usual self, making the audience burst out with laughter as he narrated his stories. To continue two members of the GSA family who hosted the show, wooed the audience with their intellect and wit.

The Pioneer batch of School, was also part of this ceremony and they made this ceremony more light hearted by showing their work and also sharing their experience in school and a year after in the industry and how they find they have an added advantage over other freshers in their respective organization. Seema Raje, Ex student of Graphiti School shared her experience and also advised the graduates to never forget they are and will always remain Graphitian .

Finally, the moment everyone waited for had arrived. The premier of the film of the GCAT PRO batch titled ‘WHO’S NEXT’ released. It was a moment of awesome for the students to witness all their hard work come to life. The expressions on each ones face both the students and their parents were worth the wait.

As, all good things come to end, the Graduation ceremony was ended by Adesh Bharadwaj, by a small closing ceremony where the students threw their caps high in the air.

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