Ad Campaign 'Vote Like Your Health Depends on It' Launched

In the lead up to the November elections, the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease (PFCD) debuted its new national television and online advertising campaign today that urges women to get answers from the candidates about health care, specifically how each candidate plans to prevent chronic diseases. The 30 second TV spot, and 45 second online spot, features Hollywood celebrities such as Mary-Louise Parker, Lauren Bacall, Katey Sagal and Phylicia Rashad alongside everyday women.

The ad calls on women voters – a particularly influential group in the election – to ask important questions about health care and demand action on an issue that is not only one of the most threatening health concerns to women, but is also jeopardizing the affordability of health care in the U.S. The ad will run on cable networks and online through the November 4 election.

“This ad speaks to the heart of women voters who are deeply concerned with the existing health care system and expect the next president to make healthreform a top priority,” said Ken Thorpe, Executive Director of the PFCD. “As November 4th nears, voters are making a conscious decision to vote on matters that hit close to home, and nothing is more personal than one’s own health.”

By raising awareness of the tremendous costs of chronic diseases, and the impact they have on health care cost, quality and access in this country, the PFCD ad seeks to encourage a substantive, bipartisan discussion of this issue in the context of broader discussions of health care reform.

“Through the ad, we hope to garner renewed support among all policymakers for serious health care reform. We are calling on leaders from both sides of the aisle to start a discussion around a point of consensus: the need to fight chronic illnesses that are bankrupting individuals and our country, and making us sick and less productive,” Thorpe concluded.

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