Activation is the lifeline of Brands : Ambika Sharma

Ambika Sharma, National Head of Jagran solutions, has said that activation helps in bridging gap between consumers and brands via an experiential proposition. Ambika was one of the eminent speakers from the industry who spoke on the right media mix for cracking the challenge of India beyond the metros on Sunday organised in New Delhi.

She said that marketers today are concerned about the product reaching to the right TG, so they have started looking for unique ways of promoting their brands to grab consumer mindshare and hold their attention through activations. Unlike advertising that has a ratio of one to many, activation has one to one ratio that determines a direct influence on the consumer preference and thus his purchase pattern.

Markets are fragmented and it is essential to have a clear understanding of consumer behaviour and focused consumer insight. The existing market is filled with various options, so an awareness of the product has to be created in a relevant manner. Therefore any successful activation should be able to deliver the right message to the consumer, enabling him with a clear reason to choice.

Its prime objective is to create a bond between the consumer and the product. It is a process that starts with the interaction or getting in touch with the consumer and sustains it till the consumer is loyal towards the product.

Ambika strongly believes “Activation doesn’t work in salios. In fact it is the most flexible platform wherein all the existing media vehicles can be seamlessly integrated to create a long lasting brand salience.”

She gave an example of a successful campaign of Microsoft Go A-Live Challenge executed by Jagran Solutions. The campaign focussed on increasing the base of email ids. They touch based with 71 cities across India and generated 3.5 lacs ids. Through this campaign the net base of Microsoft increased to 15%. This was achieved with an in-depth understanding of the market, the product as well as the consumer behaviour, all combined with a strong concept and execution delivered success.

Thus activations can be effectively used to promote brands, engage its consumers, deliver brand experience & create returns in a measured manner. The key to any successful activation is to optimize ROI (Return on Investment).

She also believes in laying down the objectives clearly and then start chasing them with a well thought out plan.

101 Markets India beyond the metros 2009 conference was organised by Afaqs . The conference had discussions to examine and discuss “The best strategies to fully exploit the market potential of small town India”.

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