Abhinav Bindra to appear on Kahiye Janab

New Delhi : Abhinav Bindra is the brightest star among the new generation of talented Indians. The current World and Olympic champion in the 10 m Air Rifle event and the first Indian to win an individual Gold Medal at the Olympic Games.

Miffed with the National Rifles Association of India as the national body insists on the shooter taking part in trials for selection, Abhinav Bindra shares his views with Swati Chaturvedi on Zee News popular show ‘Kahiye Janab’.

In a serious deep conversation with Swati Chaturvedi Abhinav opened up and said, “At the moment I am mentally disturbed and under a lot of pressure. I want to defend my Olympic title. Tomorrow if the NRAI says that there is no problem and everything is solved, I am sorry but the damage is already done. I need my peace of mind in order to play. Only if I am able to handle this pressure will I play otherwise I will very happily give a fare chance to another player.”

On being asked about any communication from NRAI on winning the Olympic Title he responded “Nobody contacted me from NRAI”.

About participating in the forthcoming Commonwealth Games, he responds “At this point of time, I do not think I can play in this situation. I had planned to prepare for the next Olympics in a calm and peaceful manner, but my plan has been completely spoiled”.

He further added, “If I am able to cope up with this pressure, I will definitely play. A player always plays to bring fame to one’s country and I love my country. If not, then very gladly I will give this opportunity to another player. At the moment, I do not even know if I am a part of the Indian team or not.”

Lastly Abhinav also added, “All I want is that the authorities monitor my results and then make a decision whether I deserve to be in the games or not. According to me, decisions related to sports should be made by people who have knowledge about the same, and not just anyone. After 15 years of hard work, after winning an Olympic Gold Medal for India, I am being deprived of the opportunity to play! I have had enough of this system. At an age of 27, I am under so much stress.”

Watch this influential player in an interesting interview exclusively, as Zee News celebrity chat show Kahiye Janab brings to you yet other exciting and not-to-missed moments direct from the player himself.

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