AARP Launches a New Public Service Ad

Hollywood’s leading nonprofit organizations, the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) and the Motion Picture & Television Fund (MPTF), will join a national movement lead by AARP. “Divided We Fail” aims to bring attention to the issues that worry Americans the most: health care and financial security.

Currently, 47 million Americans have no health insurance – and more middle-class people are filing for bankruptcy because of health care-related expenses, than for any other reason.

Directed by actor and director Tony Goldwyn, with music composed by Philip Glass, a new public service announcement features Ben Affleck, Garth Brooks, Dakota Fanning, Morgan Freeman, Eva Mendes, Joaquin Phoenix, Jeremy Piven and Reese Witherspoon.

Already, elected officials are taking notice of the Divided We Fail movement. So far, 160 Members of Congress have signed a pledge to commit to working in a bipartisan way to provide Americans with action and answers on health and lifetime financial security, or sent a letter in support.

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