Aamir,Kiran reveal their chemistry on Radio One

Mumbai : The studio of 94.3 Radio One, the only radio station that offers its listeners ‘Maximum Music, Maximum Choice’, was bustling with excitement as the versatile and talented, “Mr. Perfect” Aamir Khan along with his wife Kiran Rao made one of the very rare appearance on radio. The duo was invited as special guests on MJ Hrishi.K’s morning show to promote their forthcoming film ‘Dhobi Ghaat’, which marks Kiran’s debut in the film industry as a Director.

MJ Hrishi.K enhanced the chemistry between the two during the interview, giving listeners an insight into what really makes the couple so adorable. A visibly delighted and impressed Aamir said how pleased he was with MJ Hrishi K who handled the interview with dignity, respect and at so much fun at same time. As a special treat MJ Hrishi.K played for them the ‘Dhobi Ghaat’ signature theme tune that no station has played before.

The couple got chatty with MJ Hrishi.K and shared insight into the shooting of the film; especially their 3 months stay in the cozy rented one room tenement with 7 to 8 big windows on Mohmad Ali Road. They also shared interesting trivia on shooting late at nights in candle light to avoid people gazing inside the house; how they got a chance to interact with dhobis and learnt about their hard lives; and Salman Khan being the inspiration for Aamir’s role in the film.

They also spoke their hearts out only for the listeners of Radio One about each other, the background score of the film composed by international artist, Gustavo Santaolalla and their person preferences in music. Where Kiran loves her Ipod, Aamir loves his radio; he is an ardent listener of radio. While Kiran reaffirmed her taste for world music, Aamir stood by his love for Bollywood music; especially music composed by Nadeem Shravan for films like ‘Dil’ and ‘Hum Hai Rahi Pyar Ke’. They also expressed their paternal love for Prateek Babbar who on Radio One had claimed that he considered Aamir as a father figure. They spoke about the actor’s professionalism, dedication and raw talent which really helped shape the movie.

Aamir was spotted wearing Kiran’s earrings during his interview at the studio. Responding to MJ Hrishi.K’s probing questions he said that it was the same earning he had taken from Kiran while shooting for Lagaan. Springing at this opportunity Kiran laughed about how since then she has been trying to get him to either give the earring back from him or get them replaced.

For the first time ever the listeners of Radio One heard Kiran Rao share her experience of trying her hands at being a Radio Jockey while she was a student of Mass Communication in Delhi. She also broke the myth that Aamir was a perfectionist in everything he did by sharing with the listeners on how messy he is in his real life but perfectionist in work life. Taking a dig at Kiran, Aamir joked about the casting couch… as his wife was casting him in the film. This indeed had the listeners and MJ Hrishi.K in splits!

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