94.3 MY FM Consoles Ahmedabad Blast Victims

After the Ahemdabad bomb blasts, there is much concern about the support systems that victims of such tragedies find. In times of crisis, it is the responsibility of every arm of society to connect and bring positive relief. Media here forms a very strong force that can help bring people together. The Ahemdabad station of 94.3 MY FM became the voice and heart of Ahemdabad through various measures that it took. 94.3 MY FM Ahmedabad, yet again proved that radio is as effective and powerful a tool of communication in times of strife as it is in times of peace.

Commenting on the pioneering role played by the team at 94.3 MY FM, COO Synergy Media Entertainment Ltd, Mr. Harrish M. Bhatia said, “Radio being a mass media has certain social obligations and MY FM has yet again proved its commitment to its listeners and society at large. It is one of the most significant acts of CSR ever carried out by a radio station. With its imagination and efficiency, MY FM Ahmedabad has again proved the power and reach of radio in connecting people in moments of crisis. MY FM had also helped crisis ridden people during the Jaipur blasts.”

94.3 MY FM Ahmedabad, yet again proved that radio is as effective and powerful a tool of communication in times of strife as it is in times of peace. On July 26, when the country shook to the reverberations of the Ahmedabad blasts that left almost 50 people dead and hundreds injured, MY FM used its power to soothe frayed nerves and cool tempers, relaying messages of peace and caution. While the industrial hub was in the grip of fear with rumours playing on the nerves of its peace-loving denizens, MY FM’s Ahmedabad station played the role of a sentinel and a conscientious citizen relaying appeals to the citizens to maintain peace and communal harmony.

Not only this, MY FM also took on the role of the saviour for the injured and their relatives broadcasting appeals for blood donation and other voluntary services. Keeping the somber mood of the nation in mind, MY FM toned down its music and played inspirational and soothing music to calm passions and bring about communal harmony. MY FM took it upon itself to disseminate updated information thus keeping rumours at bay. It also acted as a bridge between the harried relatives and friends in search of their beloved connecting them through its efforts.

It was not just a chance good Samaritan act, but a well thought out strategy that evolved in the corridors of MY FM as soon as the news of blasts rocking the city filtered through its walls. It was with the special effort of MY FM RJs – DJ & Aaftab who pitched in all night long being on air live, disseminating information of the state administration and the people who poured in with their cries of help. MY FM decided to put its services to the use of the citizens by broadcasting the appeals for help and welfare of the victims and families. It also took upon itself to keep them connected through its airwaves.

MY FM continued with its peace efforts the next day too and successfully connected people not only locally but through its entire network of 17 stations spread across seven states. On Sunday too inspirational and soothing music was broadcast throughout the day. A promo was also aired with the message to maintain peace and not to panic, extolling the citizens of Ahmedabad who are born brave hearts.

On Monday MY FM held a discussion with other radio stations exhorting them to maintain 1-minute silence as “Radio Rakhega Maun” to mourn Ahmedabad’s loss. MY FM went off air for a minute at 7:00 pm on Monday. The promo was also aired throughout on Monday to keep passions from spilling over onto streets.

Citizens & listeners joined in MY FM’s peace efforts and a city bus of Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Corporation – AMTS was stopped by the driver when MY FM went off air to mourn its black day.

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