92.7 BIG FM partners Baskin Robbins’

Mumbai : Get ready to savour the lip-smacking and scrumptious new ice cream flavour titled Mississippi Mud, which will offer a unique blend of taste and texture launched by ice cream giant Baskin Robbins with Reliance Broadcast Network’s radio arm 92.7 BIG FM for its unique property and green humour mimicry show titled India Gate Basmati BIG Asli No. 1. Adding more zing and flavour, 92.7 BIG FM and Baskin Robbins will join hands to pledge support as well as highlight concerns on the climatic change and urge people to adopt green practices through this innovative campaign. In sync with environmental cause and the association with India Gate Basmati BIG Asli No. 1, the special flavour will be called ‘Asli No. 1’ for the month of August across all its 400 outlets in India.

Launched by 92.7 BIG FM, India Gate Basmati BIG Asli No. 1 is India’s first ever Green Humour Mimicry Show which will provide entertainment, while drawing listeners’ attention to real issues caused by the lack of consciousness towards the environment. Being presented by title sponsor India Gate Basmati Rice and associate sponsor Zafri Pan Masala, Asli No. 1 is poised to be one of the biggest ever humour mimic hunts, creating awareness in the ‘green space’. Spread across 42 cities of the country, this unique hunt will leverage the ‘local’ power of radio and effectively reach and engage consumers as it will reflect ‘green issues’ that impact their lives.

Baskin Robbins Mississippi Mud, also known as ‘Asli No. 1’ (for the month of August) is a blend of Exotic Chocolate and Chocolate Fudge ice cream swirled with fudge brownie pieces and chocolate ribbon. This has been made available internationally since 1982, and since then has been one of Baskin Robbins Signature Flavours.

Commenting on their new initiative, Mr. Soumen Ghosh Choudhury, Business Head, 92.7 BIG FM said: “The main objective of ‘Green Humour Mimicry Show Asli No 1’ is to create awareness amongst listeners to protect our environment through light hearted and engaging script. It has always been our endeavour to highlight and bring attention to issues affecting our society, at large and through this campaign we will reach out to the consumers in a more innovative manner and ignite interest in the environmental cause. Our association with Baskin and Robbins will bring in a unique flavour to this cause and give a taste of healthy green practices to the consumers.”

Talking about the launch of Mississippi Mud in India, Ashwin Uppal, GM – Marketing, South Asia, Baskin Robbins said, “Baskin Robbins as a brand is all about fun and therefore for the launch of one of its international Signature Flavours, we associated ourselves with BIG FM’s Asli No. 1 and went ahead to name our flavour ‘Asli No. 1’ for the month of August. This is a win-win situation for both the brands and as a part of this association we will be promoting BIG FM’s Asli No. 1 at our stores and they will in turn encourage people to go and try the Baskin Robbins Asli No. 1 Flavour of the Month through radio”.

So this month, don’t miss the new Mississippi Mud surprise by Baskin Robbins and keep listening to your favourite radio station 92.7 BIG FM. Suno sunao, life banao!!

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