9.9 Mediaworx Acquires iGovernment.in

iGovernment.in, India’s first government-focused comprehensive online portal has announced its strategic acquisition by 9.9 Mediaworx. iGovernment.in is India’s first interactive web platform and info-portal for knowledge sharing by all stakeholders that takes an integrated approach towards good governance.

Set up by New Delhi-based technology journalists, Shubhendu Parth and Pravin Prashant, the portal was incubated by Goosefish Media Ventures (a subsidiary of WebChutney) in March 2008.

“The acquisition of iGovernment adds significant value to our diverse portfolio,” says Pramath Raj Sinha, Managing Director and co-founder of 9.9 Media.

“The team has created a very successful business of generating relevant content for dissemination through interactive digital publishing which complements our expertise in shaping the new-media industry. There was a natural partnership brewing here, and we are thrilled to take a step in the right direction,” adds Sinha.

With this acquisition, 9.9 Media has also acquired the important domain expertise in Shubhendu Parth and Pravin Prashant—founders of iGovernment.in, who will be responsible for developing products in the government sector community, as well as new publications in other verticals.

Sidharth Rao, CEO and Co-founder of WebChutney says, “Pravin and Shubhendu built an excellent business with great traction from audiences and advertisers alike. Today, iGovernment reaches out to key policy and decision-makers in the country, with compelling thought-provoking content. We are pleased that the 9.9 Media team has recognised these efforts, and are confident they will pursue this leadership to the next level.”

According to iGovernment.in Editor and Founder Director Shubhendu Parth, “With over 40,000 registered subscribers for the daily newsletter and an average 3.5 lakh visitors per month, iGovernment has become synonymous to development journalism within just one year of its inception.”

“With this acquisition, we will be able to tap into 9.9 Mediaworx’s talent pool and existing infrastructure to scale up the operation fast,” he adds.

iGovernment.in Founder Director Pravin Prashant says, “With the IT spending by corporate shrinking, the Government sector today is the biggest buyer and there is a big market opportunity to be tapped, both by the IT companies and the publishing houses focusing on the vertical.”

He further adds that iGovernment could not have found a more apt partner. “The 9.9 team not only has the right expertise and approach towards micro-publishing and community building through use of various media, it also understands the potential of the segment iGovernment is working in,” he said.

iGovernment.in aims at filling the existing gap of peer-to-peer learning and capacity building amongst policy makers, judiciary, bureaucrats, academicians, NGOs and the vendor community across India.

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