7Seas Technologies Launches new online game 'Operation Big Bang'

7Seas Technologies Limited, a Indian-based independent IP-based game developing company, on Tuesday launched an online casual game – Operation Big Bang – on its official gaming portals .

To play this game, what one has to do is simply click on the pipes to connect them properly, form a tunnel and enable the atom to travel and collide with other atoms at the end. A level is successfully completed only if the pipes are properly connected within the stipulated time. And the atom is passed to check the path of the tunnel and finally it blasts at the end. If the player fails to connect the pipes or if he connects the wrong ones within the time, he loses a chance. The game has 35 levels. It would take one and a half hour to complete the game at a stretch without losing the levels.

This fantastic and funny new game Operation Big Bang attracts the players of all age groups, says L. Maruthi Shankar, managing director of 7Seas Technologies. “Apart from this game, we have recently added four more interesting games like Appu in Dreamland, Frenzy Drive, Funny Bunny and Indian traditional game Dadi (Merelles), taking our total IP-owned free online games to 255, says Shankar.

7Seas Technologies Limited is an independent IP-based game development Company based out of Hyderabad. The Company’s Online Gaming portal has about 255 casual games. The portal has over 2 million subscribers.

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