3G promises the world for mobile advertisements

Mobile marketing companies offer solutions, which include the plain vanilla SMS, wireless application protocol (WAP) banner ads and mobile applications. They are now gearing up to raise the bar with 3G. Its faster speed, they reason, will allow for more value-added services (VAS) and a better brand experience.

Likewise, IVdopia — one of the leading online video advertising networks is planning to introduce an advanced version of its mobile advertising platform in India. It has done so in the US. Affle India, another mobile marketing and advertising solutions company, is planning to introduce “Pinch” — an application that the company has successfully implemented in mature 3G markets like Singapore and Australia.

Today, with its customer relationship management (CRM) solution, it has increased to 6 per cent with coupons that are texted straight to mobile phones. With 3G services, the offerings will only increase.3G services will help brands get an additional platform to reach out to users with increased interactivity and acceptance.

Source: Percept

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