24 Horas Newspaper Registers 8 % Circulation Growth in NY

With the same trendy look and feel of it’s Super Printed Newspaper version and its sleek Web site, 24 HORAS, the New York City based Hispanic Daily Newspaper is successfully increasing its daily circulation almost 8% and has entered into an agreement with the D.O.T (New York City’s Department of Transportation) to Install, maintain, refill and expand a float of 100 News racks or distribution boxes in order to facilitate Hispanic Urbanites who use public Transportation during the current quarter.

Tricom Media, Publisher company of 24 Horas executives saw the market opportunity after a Market research study performed by PRC indicated a high level of interest among Hispanic Consumers that demand News content while in transit in comparison with their mainstream urbanite counterparts.

“24 Horas caters to the Latino urbanite. An educated, working individual with limited time to read the news. Also, we realized that Metro and AM New York were simply not filling the gap among Hispanics,” said Armando Tonatiuh Hernandez, Executive Editor of 24 Horas.

24 Horas is already available to consumers throughout the New York and Tri-State areas and its Guerrilla Distribution in POP’s, Mass Transit points, home delivery and now street News racks guarantees effective market penetration.

“24 Horas’s News racks are carefully planned with a Superb look and trendy aerodynamic design in order to effectively catch the eye of passing by consumers to allow them quick retrieval of the daily Newspaper,” said Barcelona-based Edgard Salguero, original designer of the boxes and Chief Creative Officer of Tricom Media.

“Our goal is to aggressively gain market share by offering a revolutionary product, more in tune with the times we are living in and to make it easy for our readers to find it,” said Eddie Cruz, 24 Horas Founder and Tricom Media CEO.

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