24 Frames Launches Video News Release Services in India

New Delhi : 24 Frames, a leading entertainment, media and communication company today announced the formal launch of its Video News Release (VNR) service in the country. This makes 24 Frames the first company in India to launch the service formally. The biggest beneficiary of this service is likely to be MNCs, big corporate houses and the PR and corporate communication industry. This will be a very potent tool in the hands of the marketing professionals, greatly enhancing their consumer outreach and radically changing the rules of the game.

VNR as a concept is quite prevalent in countries wherein PR is a fully-developed industry. However, in India, this is not a formal service offering. VNR is basically a communication from the company in a visual format, wherein the messaging is recorded by the company as an interview, announcement or story.

Talking about visual communication and its impact, Arjun Pandey, CEO, 24 Frames said, “24 Frames is a dynamic organisation that has kept pace with the advancements in the industry as well as the ever-changing demands of the clientele. All along, it has been our vision and strategy to empower communication through effective use of the visual medium. As the popular saying goes, a single photograph is worth a 1000 words. Just imagine the impact when the photograph / picture is replaced with a gripping video or motion picture messaging.”

Speaking on the launch, Prasun Peter, COO, 24 Frames said, “Ensuring that the right message goes out to its target group is a dilemma that the PR industry has always endeavoured to address. As part of the PR industry, we have always felt the acute absence of a solution to ensure that the exact message reaches out to our target audience. With the launch of VNR services we will be able to address this need gap quite effectively.”

Talking about the germination of the idea and its incubation, Prasun added, “The VNR service is an amalgamation of our communication understanding with visual content expertise. All the expertise and skill-sets required are completely in-house, drawing on the complete knowledge bank within the company to provide an integrated offering that effectively meets its end desired outcome. The concept is quite unique in the Indian context, especially with the complexity of the media in the country as well as the diversity of the Indian populace that make it impossible to use the same messaging for the entire target group universe.”

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