1takemedia.com , Whistling Woods International announce Film Competition

1takemedia.com, India’s largest entertainment jobs portal in association with Whistling Woods International (WWI) Asia’s largest Film, Television, Animation and Media Arts institute has launched its next film competition, which promises to be India’s largest film competition, giving all film makers a revenue generating platform for exposure and distribution of their work.

Well-known Indian Directors Subhash Ghai, Ketan Mehta, Vikram Bhatt, John Mathew Matthan, Mike Pandey, and Jabbar Patel will form the jury for the Film Competition. With no entry fee to be paid, the last date for the submission of the entries is March 31, 2009 and members can submit multiple entries. Interested members can send their films to Film Competition, 1664, Dadabhai Niwas, Building No. 42, Ground Floor, D.N. Nagar, Andheri (W), Mumbai 53, or upload the same on 1takemedia.com.

The films can be shot in any format including Handycam, PD 170, DV, miniDV etc. All that participants need is a handycam and an idea. The types of films that will be selected include fictional short films, documentaries, live and animation.

This competition has three segments based on the length of the film / documentary.

The categories are Film and Documentary a) under 10 minutes b) over 10 minutes to 30 minutes and c) From 30 minutes to 60 minutes. The prize money for the first category is Rs. 50,000 while the other two come with a purse of Rs. 1 lakh each.

This Film Competition brings with it a revenue generating platform for the film makers according to which they will have a channel to distribute their films through this competition. Documentary and short film makers had earlier expressed their inability to sell or distribute their films. Keeping this in mind 1takemedia.com offers to share 50 % of the net income from distribution of the short films and documentaries submitted.


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